Recently a new series of sculptures was initiated dealing with humans. The artist has presented them in their naked posture, characters signed by life that left its marks on them - lost dreams and expectations, sadness, joy and misfortune. So close to the spectator, sometimes being a mirror to us and with a flavor of humor that make you recognize and smile. The texture of the sculptures contributes to the feeling of ephemerality of these humans. 

This new series give expression to the ultimate level of sculpturing that Marinel has reached. The bodies are roughly shaped, in order to underline the imperfectness of the human beings. Marinel states: "in life we will never reach the state of being perfect, complete....". 




Before these new Sculptures, Marinel tried to show the human aspect in buildings.

Something of the builder’s or occupant’s character. It is often the subtle details that reveal everything.

Houses – or details of houses – sometimes tell us a story about their occupants. They may tell us who lives there and how their situation or character is.

It is the occupant’s second skin, so to speak.

The ‘ravages of time’ or the impact of people on buildings often play a role in Marinel’s work. She makes up her own story around the building.



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