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The feeling of home


Like food and drink, a roof over your head is a necessity of life, but what makes someone feel at home?

Is it the things that surround you, people such as family or friends… or the house? Is it the security you find there? What is essential and is this the same for everyone? 


Millions of people leave their homes, leaving behind everything they have and hold dear, searching for a better life. How do they find a ‘home’ again?

Moving house: is it the start of a new phase in your life, or great anxiety about the safe haven you have to say farewell to? What is it you are going to miss? 


‘Coming home’ is a household word, a feeling many people know. It is expressed in finding your home, a place of your own, literally. This is where I belong.

But it is also found in encounters, the feeling to have known someone for years at a first encounter, and of course in your work. 


With all these questions and feelings Marinel Vieleers plays in her work… looking for the ‘feeling of home’.


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